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About Fucoidan FAQs

  • Q: Should I take Canada FUCOIDAN before or after meal?

    A:People can either take Canada FUCOIDAN before or after meal. There’s no significant difference between the two. However, we recommend taking the evening dose right before going to bed. 

  • Q: Are there any side effects of fucoidan?

    A:There has no side-effect found or reported by researchers and fucoidan consumers. Fucoidan is a natural product and it’s anti cancer ability is triggered by biological mechanism within the body. This is not the same as chemotherapy or radiation treatment, which is has high toxicity and severe side effects and most often impact patients’ life qualities. 

  • Q: Are there groups of people who are not recommended to take Fucoidan?

     A:After careful considerations, we advise the following people to not take Fucoidan:

    1.During pregnancy or breast feeding period

    2.People who suffer from hypothyroidism or are allergic to iodine

    3.People who has special immune system conditions or suffer from immune disorders

    4.People suffer from thrombocytopenia (low platelet count)

  • Q: Can diabetic patients take Fucoidan?

    A:It is SAFE for those with diabetes to take Canada FUCOIDAN; it will not elevate blood sugar level.  

  • Q: Do you recommend healthy people to take Canada FUCOIDAN?

    A:Yes, definitely. In addition to its effective anti-cancer properties, fucoidan can provide many more health benefits. It’s especially good for people who are under a lot of pressure or experiencing constant fatigue. Fucoidan boosts immune system and prevent people from getting sick in general.


    More importantly, fucoidan can help prevent cancer from happening in healthy human bodies. The smallest tumor that modern technology can detect is 0.5cm in diameter. It usually takes a very long time, 10 to 20 years, for the first cancer cells to become a tumor that is 0.5cm in diameter. However, once the tumor is larger than 0.5cm in diameter, it can grow very fast and can spread throughout the body very quickly. As a result, it is far more important and a lot easier for people to prevent cancer than to treat cancer once diagnosed. Fucoidan supresses cancer cells from the very early stage as well as prevent cancer cells from forming. This health benefit is as important, if not more important to, treating cancer. 

  • Q: Is brown seaweed fucoidan more effective than the beta glycan polysaccharide in medicinal mushrooms?

    A:Fucoidan is more effective in cancer treatment than other polysaccharides found in mushrooms or other species because fucoidan has many sulphate ester groups on this molecular structure. Research has proven that the more sulphate ester groups exist in the polysaccharide, the more effective it is for cancer treatment. Fucoidan is a highly sulphated polysaccharide. Polysaccharide without the sulphate ester group is not as effective in cancer treatment. 

  • Q: Can I take Canada FUCOIDAN the same time as other medication?

    A:Yes, Canada FUCOIDAN can be safely taken with medications. Canada FUCOIDAN is especially beneficial for cancer patients who are receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy because of its ability to help relieve side effects that comes from conventional cancer treatment as well as boost patient immune system for a better and speedier recovery. 

  • Q: Are all fucoidan products the same?

    A:No, not all fucoidan products are the same. Fucoidan designates a group of certain fucose-containing sulfated polysaccharides. The molecular structures of fucoidan can be very complex. Fucoidan from different species can have very different molecular structure. Fucoidan extracted from different parts of the same seaweed species can even have different molecular structures. Researches and clinical trials have proven that fucoidan extracted from the reproductive portion of the algae, specifically undaria pinnatifida, has the best medicinal result compared to fucoidan extracted from other parts or other species.

    In addition, the purity and quality of fucoidan product is also very important. Many companies only grind the raw materials into powders and sell it as fucoidan product. Of course the effectiveness of those product would not be comparable to products manufactured by carefully separate fucoidan from impurities and non-medicinal substances. The higher fucoidan content is, the better and more effective product it is.